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About the project

Valtournative: Winery Escapade

A luxurious experience in the heart of the Valencian wine region

The brief

Valtournative are an independent sustainably-minded tourism provider in Valencia. The tours they offer take customers to places off-the-beaten track, often outside the city in some breath-taking locations. Each tour is carefully curated with storytelling, relaxation, discovery and delight in mind, and the company approached us to capture the essence of each of these tours. Valtournative wanted eye-catching content which would quickly communicate what the Winery Escapade tour was about that they could share on social platforms and tourism booking websites.

The process

Broaden used a collaborative process to craft the ‘Winery Escapade’ video:

  • Client liasion: We got to know the client to deeply understand the overarching selling points of the winery tour and plan the shoot day
  • Shoot day: We accompanied Valtournative on a full-tour to capture the experience, keeping it as close to the actual thing to create an authentic and natural look
  • Edit process: The edit process drew together the highlights from the shoot day crafted into a compelling narrative. A soundtrack, sound design and colour grading were added to bring the video to life.
The outcome

The finished video takes viewers on a journey. We wanted to give potential customers a taste of the winery tour experience, whilst creating a sense of intrigue for the actual thing. We delivered a longer video around the 2 minute mark along with a 15 second ‘social media edit’.

“They were committed from the beginning to listening to us and working with us to make each video exactly as we had imagined it in our heads, and even better!”

Daniel, Valtournative

About the project

A luxurious experience in the heart of the Valencian wine region.