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About the project

The Big Make

Creative workshop videos for young people, from poetry to puppetry, painting to percussion

The brief

Milton Keynes Arts and Heritage Alliance approached Broaden to compile a coherent suite of videos to serve as creative workshops for young people throughout July 2021, during ‘The Big Make’. The brief was simple: take 15 artist’s’ workshops, each in a different creative discipline and each filmed by the artists themselves in their homes, and create an overarching strategy to animate and edit them as a video series.

The process

Broaden brought this video series together through:

  • Artist liaison: Broaden engaged with all 15 artists to discuss lighting, cameras and structure to assist them in filming their own workshop videos
  • Animation: Broaden created an animated title sequence, along with overlaid graphics such as instructions and labels in keeping with the overarching MAKE branding
  • Edit process: Broaden compiled footage from the artists and edited them into coherent and concise 5-15 min instructional videos
  • Social media and online management: Broaden created a channel for the videos, prepared a collection of videos and images as social media assets, and subtitled all videos to maximise accessibility
The outcome

The Big Make encourages creativity in all forms, and this video series was released to promote that mission. The finished series of 15 videos each feature a different artist who has chosen to film and present their own video in a different way, but the underlying thread is the cohesive graphic identity, editing style and structure crafted by Broaden. Each video is accompanied by social media assets and subtitles, and continue to be enjoyed by young people in Milton Keynes and beyond.

“These video workshops inspire creativity in children and young people. They encourage activity that is non-screen based, with opportunities to create from items that can be found around the home.”

Milton Keynes Arts & Heritage Alliance

About the project

Creative workshop videos for young people, from poetry to puppetry, painting to percussion.