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About the project

Rosie Tee Music Video

A surreal and sparkly video for psychedelic jazz track ‘Anchors’

The brief

Birmingham-based musician Rosie Tee approached Broaden as part of her Arts Council-funded campaign to craft a video to accompany the release of her single, ‘Anchors’. Her starting inspiration were silent movies featuring unseen creatures and immersive contemporary music videos which create an abstract narrative and sense of unease set in natural surroundings. Building on this inspiration, we were tasked with crafting a concept for the music video, and developing it through to edit and release.

The process

We created the ‘Anchors’ music video working closely with Rosie Tee:

  • Storyboarding and location scouting: We developed the idea of a sea monster-like creature that would find its way to the ocean, set against a stark and overexposed natural scene. This concept was developed through a storyboard along with location plan in different landscapes on the Welsh coast – from sand dunes, to grassy banks, rocky shores to the ocean itself.
  • Costume design and movement direction: We worked with performers LYNNEBEC who choreographed a series of movements to go with the track, and designed and made a costume for the two performers to fit into which would conceal their human form whilst allowing them the comfort and flexibility required.
  • Shooting: The multi-location shoot featured multiple costume changes and a range of cinematic camera setups included using analogue and telephoto lenses to achieve a dreamlike glow and 70s aesthetic
  • Edit process and colour grade: The final video is edited to create a sense of narrative, from the ‘sea monster’ emerging in the sand through to the finale where Rosie Tee emerges from the monster’s sack. Inspired by films like horror ‘Midsomar’, a washed-out, vintage feel was emulated in the colour grade which creates the sense of unease and uncertainty in ‘broad daylight’.
The outcome

‘Anchors’ is the lead single from Rosie Tee’s ‘Earth, Embrace Me In’ EP released on 1.10.21. Set to a track described by BBC Introducing as ‘weird, wonderful and an absolute joy’, the Anchors music video is a far departure from copy and paste live performance videos. The finished composition portrays an amorphous creature which represents the existentialism that Rosie Tee set out to explore in this haunting and fierce track.

“Broaden made the whole process of creating the Anchors Music video seamless and enjoyable. I couldn’t imagine any two people better to bring this surreal sea creature to life.”

Rosie Tee, Musician

About the project

A surreal and sparkly video for psychedelic jazz track ‘Anchors’.