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About the project

Place Portraits: Episode 2,Valencian Pueblos

Exploring Valencian towns through 35mm analogue photography

The concept

What happens when you explore a city armed with an analogue camera, a roll of film and no plan? It was with that question in mind that our ‘Place Portraits’ series was born. After visiting Paris for Episode 1, we explored a series of Valencian towns for Episode 2.

The process

For episode 2 of Place Portraits we wanted to evoke the charm of small Mediterranean villages and the quiet of the afternoon heat. We used a roll of Portra 400 to bring out the vivid turquoise skies and the terracota hues of buildings. We filmed the whole video in one day, taking it in turn to shoot film and capture the process on video too. We also used the custom animation we made in Episode 1 as an introduction to create a sense of continuity.

The outcome

The five minute video is a travel film-meets vlog-meets photo album. Building on Episode 1 of the series, this video introduces more of our personalities and dialogue around the process of taking the photos in the first place. Episode 3, which takes viewers to the West Yorkshire town of Hebden Bridge, is now complete. 

“Love this Broaden. You are inspiring me to dig out my old Nikon FE-II.”

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About the project

Exploring Valencian towns through 35mm analogue photography.