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About the project

MiKengo: Fresh Flavours

A menu which celebrates local ingredients and international flavours

The brief

MiKengo is an independent cafe serving up a fresh and modern menu. This little venue packs a punch and has become a defining destination in Valencia’s waterfront neighbourhood ever since opening the cafe a year ago. Owners Richard and Kami reached out to Broaden to capture the essence of the place in a series of short social media videos to build brand awareness.

The process

We adopted a lean approach with a quick turnaround to offer maximum impact and value for the clients:

  • Shoot day: Spending a full day in the cafe allowed us to capture the mid-morning coffee rush, the lunch time food collections, afternoon ‘meriendas’ and early evening drinks. We also staged a number of scenes to film specific close-ups and slow motion footage of the food
  • Thematic selection: We worked with Richard at MiKengo to identify the three themes for each video, including this video which focusses on the menu on offer and fresh salads and food prepared on-premise
  • Edit process: Against an upbeat soundtrack that reflects MiKengo’s mood, we brought together a 30 second edit with vivid colours and dynamic transitions
The outcome

We distilled MiKengo’s offering into a 30 second video that packs a punch, and threw in their Mediterranean vibe too. The clients are delighted with the result, and have used it successfully as part of a social media campaign attracting new customers to the cafe.

“Broaden really helped to get across the right image for our brand and reflected how much we care about what we do.”

Richard, Owner, MiKengo

About the project

A menu which celebrates local ingredients and international flavours.