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About the project

La Pinada Lab: Innovation Space

Something special is taking shape in the Spanish forest

The brief

La Pinada Lab is an innovation centre focused on urban sustainability. Broaden were invited to capture the process of this innovation lab taking shape, a structure crafted from sustainable-sourced wood grown in Cuenca and constructed by Fustea Structures in the Valencian countryside.

The process

To create this two-minute teaser video we adopted a three-fold process:

  • Sawmill shoot day: Broaden attended the sawmill in Cuenca where the sustainable timber was being cut and prepared
  • Wood workshop shoot day: Weeks later, Broaden visited Fustea’s workshop in Ibi, Alicante to capture the next stage of the building’s development, where large-format panels were being built from the lengths of timber
  • Edit process: We drew together a mix of cinematic and more dynamic footage captured at the sawmill and workshop to tell a subtle story about the building’s emergence. Emotive music and carefully-curated text adds to the drama and provides more details on the story.
The outcome

The final video is La Pinada Lab’s first video content, so it had to draw viewers in and create a sense of intrigue around the project. The two-minute video, crafted in both Castillian and English is set to be used to engage potential partners and build awareness of the innovation lab on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

“We are very happy with the results, and I can only say great things about Bryony and George, they’re hard-working, creative, client-oriented, quick… you name it!”

Miguel, La Pinada Lab

About the project

Something special is taking shape in the Spanish forest.