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About the project

Good Trips: Sustainable Travel

Luxury travel from coast to country with a focus on sustainability

The brief

Good Trips was born out of a desire to make a positive impact on the tourism industry by simplifying conscious travel. Good Trips curates high-quality hotels in the Mediterranean which put luxury travel, good design and sustainability at their core. Broaden was approached by Good Trips to craft a short hype-reel which encapsulated the feeling of joyful, effortless travel with a focus on the Valencian regions. The company wanted high-quality video content as part of their promotional launch campaign building the brand and client base.

The process

We adopted a creative, nimble approach to making the Good Trips hype reel and subsequent Director’s cut video:

  • Storyboarding: We wanted to tell the story of two ‘characters’ exploring the best bits of the Valencian region – from winding historic streets, to vineyards, and from coastal locations to inner-city hotels.
  • Shoot days: We shot the video across multiple days with the talent and client, visiting settings on Good Trips’ ‘must-visit’ list and creating the impression that the characters have spent a whole day exploring the region.
  • Edit process: The edit took a wide range of footage and distilled it into a short and punchy video suitable for social media. GFX, colour grade and music brought the video to life, including the soundtrack in particular, which was selected to give the video an edge over more generic travel offerings.
The outcome

In the end Broaden delivered a 45 second video suited to social media and web design which has been used as part of Good Trips’ marketing campaign. Broaden also crafted a longer ‘Director’s Cut’ which reinterprets the footage in a slightly more slow-paced and cinematic way.

“You guys were amazing to work with. I couldn’t have been happier with the process, your input, and the outcome.”

Katy, Good Trips

About the project

Luxury travel from coast to country with a focus on sustainability.