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About the project

Focused Performance

Fun and accessible trail-running holidays in stunning Snowdonia

The brief

Focused Performance run trail running holidays which are accessible, inclusive and enjoyable. Geoff from the company approached Broaden after watching ‘The Hundred Miler’ and wanting us to emulate that same feeling of comradery and energy that comes from trail running which we captured in the documentary.

The process

To create the final 3 minute ‘hype reel’ for Focused Performance we adopted a three-fold process:

  • Snowdonia shoot day: Broaden joined Focused Performance guests in Snowdonia to capture the holiday experience from the accommodation and catering through to coaching, running and the phenomenal scenery.
  • Edit process: We drew together a mix of cinematic footage of the running and accommodation together with interview shots from Geoff and attendees to tell a story about what guests can expect from a Focused Performance experience. We wanted to craft an edit that promoted the company in an immersive and cinematic way.
  • Colour grade and sound design: Carefully considered colour grading and soundtrack choice brought the video to life, accentuating the sights and sounds of the stunning rural Welsh setting.
The outcome

The commission resulted in the delivery of a 3 minute ‘hype reel’ which tells the story of a Focused Performance experience from the guests’ arrival, through to coaching, running, activities and catering. The brand have successfully used this video as part of their online marketing campaign on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. In addition, Broaden delivered three shorter ‘social media’ edits lasting approximately 15 seconds and formatted for different aspect ratios.

“Your commitment and expertise really did shine through. I really love the way you have captured so much of the spirit of our events.”

Geoff, Focused Performance

About the project

Fun and accessible trail-running holidays in stunning Snowdonia.