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About the project

BUO: Sustainable Apparel

Bringing minimal, ethically made clothing to life through animation

The brief

BUO is a small Spanish clothing brand offering high-quality clothes that don’t come at the expense of people or planet. Their minimal and modern designs are all made from GOTS-certified cotton and crafted by workers in Portugal paid fairly and in good working conditions. To counter the stereotypical image of some sustainable clothing, BUO commissioned Broaden to create fun and youthful video content showcasing the products.

The process

Broaden created animated videos through a creative process:

  • Storyboarding: Professional photoshoot images formed the basis of the storyboard, which we then built ‘scenes’ around, featuring the different landscapes and objects that informed BUO’s clothing line such iceberg, rose, stonehenge, ocean
  • Animation: We applied movement and transitions to the individual scenes in After Effects to give motion to each piece of clothing and character
  • Sound design: Each short animated video is accompanied by a piece of music and subtle foley
The outcome

BUO have shared the short animated videos on their social media platforms, as they have grown a following and released their ‘Heart of the Earth’ collection. The finished videos have been a fantastic way to combine Bryony’s passion for making collage with George’s eye for animation.

“Why wear organic clothing? So you can be part of a global fashion revolution for a more sustainable world.”

BUO Brand Magazine

About the project

Bringing minimal, ethically made clothing to life through animation.