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About the project

AMDH Services: Demystifying Cloud

Unpacking ‘Cloud’ computing in a simple and engaging way

The brief

AMDH Services offer ICT Strategy and infrastructure design. When implementing Cloud computing solutions, it serves them to make sure clients are well-informed and all on the same page. It was with that goal in mind that AMDH approached Broaden to create a simple and engaging explainer video and associated infographic. They wanted the video to combine a succinct script, clear voiceover and visually-appealing animated graphics in-keeping with their brand identity.

The process

Broaden executed a three-fold approach to create the ‘Demystifying Cloud’ video:

  • Storyline and script: Following extensive research into the topic and liason with the client, we crafted a script that would explain the predominant parts of Cloud computing while giving adequate technical detail
  • Graphic design: We created a series of mini graphic ‘scenes’ which reflected the script and fitted AMDH’s existing brand identity, and which would also combine to create a 2D infographic
  • Animation: The scenes were brought to life with playful animation which pulls out the overarching facts and moves in time with the voiceover
The outcome

The finished animation brings together technical information in an accessible and engaging way. AMDH have shared the video with clients as an informative tool, and have provided the final infographic available for download on their website.

“Excellent simple presentation. One that an IT Director could share with their exec team ahead of proposing a cloud strategy to ensure everyone is on the same page.”

AMDH collaborator

About the project

A simple and engaging explainer video demystifying ‘Cloud’ computing to build client awareness.