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About the project

Allday Knives

Addressing plastic waste through hand-forged Japanese knives

The brief

ALLDAY are on a mission to make quality knives that last a lifetime. To combat plastic waste in the industry, ALLDAY make their knife handles from plastic that would be heading to landfill, and their blades are handmade by a Japanese family in Sakai who have been forging knives for over four generations. It takes a while to create a knife that lasts for life, so ALLDAY release their knives in limited batches every three months. Broaden teamed up with Hugo at ALLDAY to tell the story of this sustainably-minded business.

The process

To create this slow-paced informative video we adopted a three-fold process:

  • Workshop shoot day: Broaden visited Hugo’s workshop in London to capture the making process for the handmade knives, from plastic shredding through to injection molding an attaching to the blades.
  • Edit process: We drew together a mix of interview shots and more cinematic footage to tell a subtle story about the business’ emergence. We wanted to craft an edit that promoted ALLDAY without overly mentioning the brand or feeling like a classic marketing video.
  • Colour grade and sound design: Carefully considered colour grading and foley design brought the making process to life, accentuating the workshop sounds and beautiful colours of the plastic handles
The outcome

The video Broaden crafted with Hugo has emerged as an honest and personal reflection of Hugo and the ALLDAY brand. Viewers have responded well to its chilled-out pace and tone, which is a welcome contrast to usual marketing content. The final video comes in around 6 minutes, and was complimented by a series of shorter edits for Instagram.

“I saw space in the knife industry for a high-quality but accessible brand with personality – all of the major players are corporate; I wanted something creative.”

Hugo Worsley, Founder, Allday

About the project

Addressing plastic waste through hand-forged Japanese knives.