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About Us

Broaden is Bryony Simcox and George Webster

About Us

Two travellers and cinematographers

Broaden was born from a shared love of travel, human-centred narratives and storytelling. It builds on our established careers in video production and design in the UK, Europe and Australia.

George Webster

Director of Photography


George Webster is our Director of Photography. With over a decade of experience as an independent filmmaker producing music videos and travel films, George brings an outsider approach and an incredible eye for detail. Add to that his work in renowned production houses producing videos for clients such as Sony, Mazerati, Sailor Jerry’s, Sydney Botanic Gardens and UberEats, and George is a formidable filmmaker with a truly diverse skill set.
In 2020 George made his debut as a long-format documentary filmmaker with ‘The Hundred Miler’, which made the official selection for the International Festival of Mountain Films in Slovakia and has amassed almost a quarter of a million views.

Bryony Simcox

Head of Production


Bryony Simcox is Head of Production. With a First Class Honours in Architecture and experience as a designer on large-scale urban strategy projects in Australia, Bryony is adept at creative problem solving and managing complex projects. As Producer, she liaises with clients and multi-disciplinary teams to ensure the video production process goes smoothly from pre-production through to shooting and final edit.
Bryony brings her creative flair and an eye for graphic design to Broaden, as well as a passion for storytelling. She has held solo art exhibitions in Spain and Australia and has had work published in creative publications internationally.

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